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Report a Bug

Is something not working correctly in one of our assets? Submit a bug report below with the details and we will help you out. Please make sure you follow the guidelines that are described on the right.

We can usually get back to you within 1 week.

Let us know what kind of issue you are experiencing and how we can reproduce it.

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    Guidelines for bug reports

    • Include detailed reproduction steps that we can use to reproduce the issue.
    • Mention what the expected result is and what the actual result is.
    • Attach a screenshot or video showing the problem/result.
    • Include the specific Unity version, Render Pipeline version, and Asset version that this issue can be reproduced with.

    Example Description


    Some squares of grass are not rendering after adding Nature Renderer to the terrain.

    Reproduction Steps:

    1. Create a new empty Unity project with Unity 2020.3.18f1, using the Universal Render Pipeline version 10.7.
    2. Import Nature Renderer version 1.5.2 into the project.
    3. Create a new terrain with the default settings.
    4. Add a Nature Renderer component to the terrain.

    Actual Result:

    There is an error shown in the console, and some squares of grass do not render on the terrain.

    Expected Result:

    No error is shown and all the grass renders normally.


    Attached is a screenshot of the error message and the incorrectly rendered grass on the terrain.