New: Nature Renderer 2021

Render vast amounts of detailed vegetation on your terrain.

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Map Magic

Map Magic is a node-based procedural and infinite map generator. You can create playable and nice looking terrains of any size in minutes with the help of graphs and nodes.

Nature Renderer seamlessly integrates with Map Magic so that you can create your terrains with Map Magic and use Nature Renderer to render the vegetation.


To set up Nature Renderer for Map Magic follow these steps:

  1. Select the Map Magic Object in your scene.
  2. Add a Nature Renderer component to the Map Magic Object. The Nature Renderer component will display a "No Terrain component found" error, which is expected. This component is only used to edit the settings for Nature Renderer.
  3. Enable "Copy Components to Terrains" in the Terrain Properties. This will copy the Nature Renderer component to all terrains that are generated by Map Magic, to enable Nature Renderer for those terrains.
  4. Click "Generate" to update the terrain.


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