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Common Problems


HDRP - One side of the vegetation is fluorescent green.

This happens if either the diffusion profile for the material is not set, or if the diffusion profile is not added to the HDRP project settings. The diffusion profile determines the color for materials that use Translucency or Subsurface Scattering, which is enabled by default for vegetation. If the diffusion profile is not set then the color for the light transmission in the material defaults to this fluorescent green color. 


  1. Make sure that the Diffusion Profile is set for the material. HDRP comes with a default "Foliage" diffusion profile that you can use. (Assets/Settings/DiffusionProfiles/Foliage.asset)
  2. Ensure that the Diffusion Profile that is used for the material is also added to the HDRP settings. (Assets/Settings/HDRenderPipelineAsset.asset)
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