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Known Issues

Tree shadows are culled when using shadow cascades

HDRP 7.3 HDRP 7.4 HDRP 7.5 HDRP 10.2 HDRP 10.3



When looking at the shadows of a tree, the shadows are being culled. This happens mainly when the tree itself is not in view, or if the shadow is very far away from the tree due to a low sun angle.


Fixed in version 1.0.3

Blue tint in demo scene

Unity 2019.4 + URP 7



When importing Nature Shaders into a new project using Unity 2019.4 and the Universal Render Pipeline, the demo scene is showing a blue tint.


Open the lighting settings of the scene (Window > Rendering > Lighting Settings) and adjust the Intensity Multiplier of the Environment Lighting. Changing the value a little bit will update the lighting in the scene and remove the blue tint.



Shader features are not enabled after upgrading from Nature Shaders Essentials to Nature Shaders

All Unity Versions and Render Pipelines


After importing Nature Shaders into a project that previously had Nature Shaders Essentials installed, the new shader features are still showing as "Not Supported".


The previous shaders from Nature Shaders Essentials are most likely still cached in the project and need to be reloaded to enable the new features.

Select the shaders in the folder "Assets/Visual Design Cafe/Nature Shaders/Shaders" and click "Clear Cache" in the inspector. 

Note: You have to do this for each shader individually, you can't select multiple shaders at once.


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