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Interaction, Wind, Dynamic Masking, and Better Shading for your vegetation.

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  • Fixed issue that would cause objects to render at an incorrect position in HDRP when using Nature Renderer with procedural instancing.
  • Fixed "Could not subscribe to render pipeline frame rendering" error in build when using built-in render pipeline. This was a harmless error but should not be shown.



  • Support for GPU Instancer.
  • Support for Vegetation Studio.
  • It is now possible to force forward rendering for specific shaders to enable translucency in combination with deferred rendering.
  • It is now possible to adjust the "popup speed" for interaction trails in the project quality settings (via code).
  • API to create and edit Nature Assets via code in the editor.


  • Fixed conversion of Packed Map in Nature Manufacture conversion profile.
  • Fixed "implicit truncation of vector type" warning.
  • Fixed shadow clipping issue in HDRP.
  • Fixed shader errors in Unity 2020.3.
  • Fixed error where Unity could end up in an endless loop when importing assets, resulting in duplicate folders in the project view, or a project view that was not functional.
  • Fixed issue where color overlays would be sampled twice in opposite directions.


  • Interaction is now completely disabled in shaders if there are no Nature Colliders in the scene. This improves performance when interaction is enabled for shaders, but not actively used in the current scene.
  • Improved performance and optimizations in shaders.

Known Issues

  • Interaction has an incorrect offset in a WebGL build. Nature Colliders are floating slightly above the actual object, this can make it look like the interaction is not working.



  • Fixed "Can't subscribe to Render Pipeline frame rendering" error when building projects that have IL2CPP enabled.
  • Fixed issue where grass and plants would be upside-down when used in a scene that does not have a Nature Collider in it.
  • Fixed conversion for Nature Manufacture trees in HDRP.
  • Fixed issue where the package manager would pop up every day.
  • Fixed issue where shaders would not be reloaded correctly after importing Nature Shaders.
  • Fixed removing of double-sided triangles during mesh conversion. The previous version could incorrectly remove triangles, resulting in holes in the mesh.
  • Fixed issue where colliders would not be registered for interaction or overlay if the collider was marked as a trigger.


  • Interaction now blends between Pivot and Vertex sample methods to give smoother interaction results.
  • Improved handling of random wind variation within a mesh. Each segment in a mesh now has a random phase offset to allow for variation in the mesh. "Combine Touching Segments" can be enabled in the Nature Asset import settings to ensure that touching segments have the same random offset. An example of a touching segment is a leaf that is touching the stem of a plant, these should have the same phase offset to ensure that the leaf does not float away from the stem.
  • Tweaked wind falloff for plants. More wind is now applied to the base of plants.
  • Added additional material names to the list of names to use when resolving "Automatic" material type.
  • Property names in Material Conversion settings of a Nature Asset now use readable names instead of direct property names. For example: "_TurbulenceStrength" now displays as "Turbulence Strength".
  • API for Nature Collider and Nature Overlay classes is now publicly accessible.
  • It is now possible to skip an update in the package manager.

Known Issues

  • Interaction has an incorrect offset in a WebGL build. Nature Colliders are floating slightly above the actual object, this can make it look like the interaction is not working.
  • Tree shadows are culled in HDRP when the sun is at a low angle and the tree itself is not in view. (Learn more)



  • Fixed shader compile errors on PS4.
  • Fixed texture sampler in HDRP. The previous version would ignore texture import settings.
  • Fixed Post-Processing Profile for HDRP demo scene.


  • Added menu items with links to the documentation.


First official release.

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