New: Nature Renderer 2021

Render vast amounts of detailed vegetation on your terrain.

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New: Nature Assets

It is now possible to create Nature Assets to set up or convert models and prefabs for use with Nature Shaders. Nature Assets automatically analyze the meshes and materials and set them up.

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  • Fixed shader compile errors on PS4.
  • Fixed texture sampler in HDRP. The previous version would ignore texture import settings.



  • It is now possible to create a Nature Asset to set up or convert models and prefabs.
  • Billboards now support "Billboards Face Camera Position" project setting.
  • Interaction colliders can now be stacked on top of each other without causing issues.
  • Nature Overlay can now use a texture for colors instead of only a solid color.
  • Demo assets and demo scene.
  • Material Conversion profiles for Nature Manufacture assets, The Vegetation Engine, and assets using a common setup.


  • Fixed shader error: Unrecognized sampler 'sampler_albedo' - does not match any texture and is not a recognized inline name (should contain filter and wrap modes)
  • Fixed issue where interaction and nature overlays would not work in URP and HDRP.
  • Fixed time calculation for interaction. The interaction speed could be inconsistent with very high or very low framerates.
  • Fixed normal calculation in interaction that would cause vegetation to move and sway in the wrong direction.


  • Mesh shape for Wind and Interaction is now loaded from a new "Mesh" section in the material.
  • Reduced load time at startup when creating internal resources.
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