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All shaders that come with Nature Shaders support wind animations. See below for how to enable wind animations for the vegetation in your scene:


Create a new game object in the scene and add a "Global Wind" component. The Global Wind component controls the wind settings for the scene. In the component you can adjust the wind strength, direction, and more.


Choose a preset to set all the settings at once.
Wind Strength
The strength of the wind in the scene. Mainly affects the wind gusts.
Wind Speed
The speed of the wind in the scene.
The amount of turbulence that is applied to the vegetation in the scene.
Gust Noise
The texture that is used for the wind behavior. This texture is overlaid on the scene and scrolled in the direction of the wind. White parts of the texture represent wind gusts, grey represents calm wind, and black for no wind.

Rotate the game object to change the wind direction.


Enable the wind section in the material. (Enabled by default for new materials)


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