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Master Node


Support for Shader Graph nodes will be deprecated soon and will be replaced with shaders written in HLSL.


Nature Shaders comes with a custom Master Node called 'Nature Shader Master' that adds some additional settings.

The Master Node for the Universal Render Pipeline is shown above, the High-Definition render pipeline has the same additional settings.

  • Object Type: Determines what kind of object this shader is used for. This is important to get the correct wind animations.
  • Instancing: Determines if support for GPU Instanced Indirect should be added to the shader. Set to 'Nature Renderer' to add support for Nature Renderer's Procedural Instancing feature.
  • Support Tree Creator: Enable if the shader will be used with Unity's Tree Creator.
  • Custom Editor: The full type name of a custom editor script to use as material editor.

Translucency is added by default if the Nature Shader Master Node is used and can't be disabled at the moment.

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