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Material for 2D grass textures

When you add terrain details using only a 2D grass texture then Nature Renderer does not have any specific material to use for that texture. By default, Nature Renderer will create a new material (internally) and assigns the 'Nature Shaders/Grass' shader to that material.

Edit Material

If you want to edit the material properties or use a different material then you can assign a custom material to the Material Override field in the Nature Renderer component. This material is then used for all the terrain details that use 2D grass textures. 


The main texture (Albedo) of the material is replaced with the grass texture, and all other properties of the material are kept the same.

Recommended Settings

Recommended material settings for grass are:

  • Use the "Nature Shaders/Grass shader" for the material.
  • Enable Alpha Clipping.
  • Set Lighting Quality to Low.
  • Enable Double-Sided.
  • Set Surface Maps to None.
  • Set Metallic to 0
  • Set Glossiness to 0.15
  • Enable the Translucency section.
  • Enable Baked Mesh Data in the Mesh section. Nature Renderer will automatically bake the mesh data for the grass meshes.
  • Enable Wind and leave the properties at the default values.


There is an example grass material that comes with Nature Renderer:

"Assets/Visual Design Cafe/Plugins/com.VisualDesignCafe.NatureRenderer/Resources/Default Grass.mat".

This material already has the recommended settings and can be used as a start.


2D grass textures are a convenience feature for quickly and easily adding terrain details. However, it is recommended to use a 3D model/prefab for more control over the detail's settings or materials.

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