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Supported Render Pipelines

Nature Renderer supports the standard built-in render pipeline and all Scriptable Render Pipelines. The following versions are supported:

Render Pipeline Pipeline Version Unity Version
Standard (Built-in) 2018.4 or higher 2018.4 or higher
High-Definition 7.0 or higher 2019.3 or higher
Universal 7.0 or higher 2019.3 or higher


Each render pipeline in Unity requires different shaders and materials. In order to get you the correct shaders and materials for your render pipeline we have included multiple packages and a package manager to install the correct assets.

After downloading Nature Renderer from the Asset Store, import all contents of the package. The package from the store contains a Package Manager, and 3 separate Unity Packages for each render pipeline:


After importing the package from the store, the Package Manager will automatically start and begin importing the correct package for the render pipeline of the project. A second import window will show with the contents of the package. Click Import to import all assets into your project.


Nature Shaders is installed along with Nature Renderer. The Nature Shaders package contains a collection of optimized shaders with features such as wind animations, translucency, and more. These shaders are directly integrated with Nature Renderer and are recommended for all your vegetation.

Nature Shaders is a replacement of the legacy Open World Nature shaders that came with previous versions of Nature Renderer. Your materials upgrade automatically if they use the old shaders.

Manual Installation

If the import window did not show automatically, then you can select the installer file called com.VisualDesignCafe.NatureRenderer in Assets/Visual Design Cafe/Packages and click the settings icon on the top-right corner of the inspector. Then choose "Install" from the menu.



To update Nature Renderer to a new version either follow the same steps above, or go to Help > Nature Renderer > Check for Updates to directly download the correct assets for the current render pipeline.

You can update the Nature Shaders package separately. Major updates of Nature Renderer come with an updated version of Nature Shaders embedded.

Change Render Pipelines

It is possible to change the render pipeline after Nature Renderer is installed. Change your project to the new render pipeline and then manually import the correct package.

All packages are located in Assets/Visual Design Cafe/Packages. Each package name starts with com.VisualDesignCafe.NatureRenderer, followed by the render pipeline (-URP for Universal, -HDRP for High-Definition, and nothing for Standard), and then the version number.



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