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Customer Support

✔️ Bug Reports

We can help you with specific bug reports, or if one of our assets is not working correctly. To help you correctly, we need the following:

  • A test project with reproduction steps on how to reproduce the bug, or exact reproduction steps that can be followed in a new default/empty project.
  • Information on the specific Unity version and Render Pipeline version.
  • A screenshot or video of the issue.

In order to submit a bug report, you can fill out the bug report form on this website. We can not help you without the information above, or if you do not fill out the bug report form.

✔️ General Questions

If you have a specific question before purchasing one of our assets, or if some information is missing in our documentation then feel free to contact us.

❌ Third-Party Plugins

We can not provide support for other third-party plugins and we do not guarantee compatibility with any third-party plugins. It is your responsibility to integrate assets/plugins into your project.

If some information is missing from our documentation on how to use our assets, or if our assets are not working correctly then please contact us as described above in General Questions and Bug Reports.

❌ Project Integration

We can not provide help with implementing/integrating any assets into your project. Likewise, we can not help with project-specific questions.

❌ Performance Optimization

We can not provide help with optimizing performance in your project. For performance tips specific to our assets, please follow the information and tips in this documentation. For everything else: optimizing performance with our assets is no different than performance optimization for game development/Unity in general. Please follow general best practices, guides, and tutorials for Unity.

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