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Supported Versions

All Realistic Nature packs support all render pipelines and Unity versions with the following minimum requirements:

Render Pipeline Pipeline Version Unity Version
Standard (Built-in) 2019.4 or higher 2019.4 or higher
High-Definition 7.3 or higher 2019.4 or higher
Universal 7.3 or higher 2019.4 or higher


To install a Realistic Nature pack, first purchase it on the Unity Asset Store and then download it from the Package Manager:

  1. Open Window > Package Manager from the menu in the Unity editor.
  2. Select "Packages: My Assets" in the top-left corner of the window, this will show all the assets that you purchased on the Asset Store (default selection is either "In Project" or "Unity Registry").
  3. Search for the package name in the search field on the top-right of the window (for example: "Realistic Meadow").
  4. Select the package from the list and click Import in the bottom-right.


The package contains Visual Design Cafe's own Package Manager along with multiple Unitypackages. There is a package with the assets (com.vdc.realistic-nature.meadow) and a separate package with the shaders (com.vdc.nature-shaders.embedded). These packages are installed automatically by the Package Manager after clicking "Import".


After importing is finished, you will be prompted to open the demo scene. Click "Open Demo" to finish the installation and open the demo scene, or click Cancel to just finish and close the installation.



Updating Realistic Nature packs is done through Visual Design Cafe's Package Manager. Go to Window > Package Manager (Visual Design Cafe) to open the package manager.


If there is an update available for any package then you will see the "Import" button on the right, along with the new version number. The version that is currently installed is shown on the left under the package name.

Just click "Import" to import the new version.

Note: You may see "Downloading..." instead of "Import" if the update is still downloading.

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