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Edit and tweak detail objects

Edit detail objects through the Terrain component:

  1. Go to the 'Paint Details' tab in your Terrain component.
  2. Select the detail that you want to edit in the list.
  3. Click 'Edit Details...' and choose 'Edit'.
  4. Change the properties in the  'Edit Detail Mesh' popup.


The prefab to use for the detail.
Noise Spread
The size of the noise that is applied to the color and scale. Larger values reduce the size.
Min Width
Minimum scale for the detail.
Max Width
Maximum scale for the detail.
Min Height
Minimum scale for the detail.
Max Height
Maximum scale for the detail.
Healthy Color
Color variation 1 (Set both Healthy and Dry to full white to disable coloring)
Dry Color
Color variation 2.
Render Mode
Ignored by Nature Renderer


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