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Render vast amounts of detailed vegetation on your terrain.

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Enable Nature Renderer for your terrain

To enable Nature Renderer for your terrain add the 'Nature Renderer' component to your Terrain object. Nature Renderer should then automatically set up and render your terrain detail objects.

If anything could not be set up automatically, then you'll see a warning or error message at the bottom of the Nature Renderer component.

All your terrain details will automatically render using the materials and shaders that are selected in the detail object's prefab:

  • Please ensure that Enable GPU Instancing is enabled for your material. To enable GPU Instancing on Materials, select your Material in the Project window, and in the Inspector, tick the Enable Instancing checkbox.
  • For full support of Procedural Instancing, wind, and other advanced features, change the shaders of your materials to our provided Nature Shaders.

Disable or remove the Nature Renderer component to re-enable Unity's default rendering system.


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