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Welcome to our Help Center!

Visual Design Cafe develops tools and content to help you build worlds for your game. In this help center you can find all the documentation you need to start creating.

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  • General

  • Realistic Nature

    Create next-gen scenes with this collection of photo-scanned vegetation assets. Carefully crafted with great attention to detail and optimized for best performance.

  • Nature Shaders

    Nature Shaders is a collection of vegetation shaders that brings you interaction, wind, and advanced rendering features.

  • Nature Renderer

    Nature Renderer is a plugin that improves the quality of your vegetation rendering by replacing Unity's terrain detail system. It works with your existing data: you can use the same grass, vegetation, and trees and keep your existing terrains.

  • Open World Nature Kit

    Open World Nature Kit is a collection of stylized 3D models to help you create environments for your game.